“The internet has changed my life”

“The internet has changed my life” my son announced to me one day during the Christmas break. As an evangelist of online learning I listened with anticipation to hear how. “If I hadn’t watched those scooting videos I would never have learned to tail whip,” he added. Not quite what I was expecting, but interesting nonetheless. This is what an 11 year old will do now – go straight to YouTube before heading to the skatepark and that’s self-guided learning in the making.

scooter trick 2Another day I found my daughter playing an old Harry Potter game. Apparently the new game is brilliant – the visuals are great. “But”, she informed me, “it’s not so much fun, because they have put so much work into the way it looks, the game is not so good”. The best things do not always come in shiny packages. It’s the user experience that counts. Now where have I heard that before?



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