“Jane is a great, talented, and creative instructional designer. She is a parallel thinker and
understands technology and how it can be integrated in the learning process to ensure
measurable learning outcomes. I have worked with her on a number of content development
projects and I am completely satisfied with the quality of her work!”
Analourdes Herrara, Online Professional Development Manager, International
Baccalaureate Organisation.

“I am very pleased to be able to offer a recommendation for Jane Brotchie, who has played an
instrumental role in developing our recent GCA Facilitator Course. Jane was able to bring an expert
contribution to the design and delivery of the programme, and meets our standard of credibility of
being “a model of excellence in what she purports to teach”. A strong team player, with global savvy
makes Jane a fine person to do business with.”
Damien O’Donoghue, GAC Corporate Academy.

“This was brilliant – really easy to use and covered a good range of information. I found that
everything worked on the hospital computer so that’s great as it blocks everything. Visually,
it was really engaging, especially when I compare this to didactic and turgid eLearning tools
that we have to use for our mandatory training! It was also easy to jump between windows to
double check your learning if you couldn’t remember something. I am pleased to say I scored
100% and was able to print off the results to demonstrate my learning for future reference.
The videos were informative and I know that the nurses I work with will really enjoy using
this. It is very exciting – excellent.
Amanda Clements, Chair of the British Association for the Study of the Liver (BASL)
and Hepatology nurse consultant – commenting on work completed for Oyster Healthcare

“Jane provided expert advice and support for our business. She is totally reliable and a real
pleasure to work with.”
Shane Sutherland, Development Director at Pebble Learning.

“I have worked with Jane on several occasions in my project management role working
within learning and development team. Jane has worked with us to take complex processes,
materials and themes and create clear, understandable and valuable resources for our staff and
members. Jane has a sound knowledge of, and experience in, learning and development
which enables the relationship feel like one of collaboration rather than commissioning. This
creates the feel of having another team member rather than a consultant.”
Emily Spencer-Rigby, Learning and Development Facilitator at Royal College of

“Jane worked with us via the Global Giveback initiative of LINGOs and the eLearning Guild.
She helped us to refine and improve a Web-based multi-week workshop for our staff
scattered across the developing world. We found working with Jane to be a delight. Her
insights were valuable but tailored to the level that non-learning experts could absorb and use.
She was always really prompt to turn things around on her end, and saintly patient when we took
forever on our end. We’d love to work with her again.”
Jude Griffin, Knowledge Management and Learning Expert, Management Sciences for

“Jane is an inspiration to others in the world of designing elearning. Her strengths are in the
areas of:

  • course design using clear writing, plain English speaking and sound pedagogy
  • course content development using best practice model, innovative ideas andcollaborative approaches
  • course facilitation using a motivational online manner, supportive communications and reliable, consistent online presence course promotion and evaluation using sound business and educational processes and innovative use of web 2.0 tools.

I highly recommend Jane as an excellent learning designer and cooperative team member in
elearning projects.”
Carole McCulloch, Elearning technologist at www.coachcarole.net

“It has been a pleasure to have met Jane Brotchie in a creative and collaborative environment
such as Moodle for Teachers workshop at IT4ALL. I was a facilitator of the Team where
Jane was one of the most creative and talented contributors. Her knowledge and expertise in
technology tools, design concepts and her collaborative skills were amazing. In many cases
she was the leader of the Moodle course design, a wise advisor of appropriate tools for the
specific learning/teaching situations and a decision maker in complex technological
Ludmila Smirnova, Professor of Education MSMC.

“Jane is a very talented writer, who is able to express complex ideas in a logical and clear
way. When I was publishing manager at the Royal College of Nursing she produced high
quality distance learning materials that fully interpreted our brief, within very tight deadlines.
Jane is also skilled at creating frameworks for online learning. She has a way of making
learning an enjoyable experience and ensuring that learners do not feel overwhelmed or
daunted by technology. She is an excellent course facilitator – very knowledgeable but also
sensitive to the fact that many learners are juggling lots of different priorities. I wouldn’t
hesitate to recommend Jane – she would be an asset to any e-learning project.”
Tracy Cowell, Passion for Publishing.

“Jane is that rare combination – a creative talent who produces practical solutions. She can
take complex academic concepts and translate them into easily understood learning. She is
able to work well with expert editors and has developed varied and interactive learning
solutions. She also has a great eye for detail and stays with the project from initial concept to
final delivery.”
Sophie Randall, Director Oyster Healthcare Communications.

“Jane is unique in my experience, in that she can hold the task of a project entirely – she sets
the pace, always has clear steps mapped out and alerts me to the decision points! At the same
time, she has great insight into the processes required to support learning and development
and she has expert knowledge in relation to content authoring and online learning. I am
always impressed by the quality of her work, her flexibility and her efficient use of both her
and my time. I am totally confident to make this recommendation.”
Ann Jackson, Director of Nursing, St Andrew’s Healthcare.

“I have recently worked through a series of coaching sessions with Jane. Jane has been able to help me to look at the things that are important in my life and has been pivotal, I believe, in empowering me to make positive changes. These changes have been in both my personal and my work life.
I believe it has been Jane’s ability to listen and to work with me to help me explore my own values that has been most beneficial. I have grown both professionally and as a person over the time we have worked together.”

Debra Holmes, Consultant at PebblePad