pencil and paperHelp with your learning design

Working with you and your team, we would start by discussing the purpose of the learning and the motivation of your learners.  If required, I can design learning activities that will meet industry standard competencies or a set of agreed performance outcomes.

If you are new to online learning, I can advise how to design the learning pathway and align the learning to the requirements of the organisation and to the needs of your learners. My design approach is based on the latest knowledge about how adults learn and what motivates them to learn.

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Pencil and ruler iconDeveloping materials

In collaboration with your subject experts I will render your complex subject matter into clear, straightforward language and design learning activities that enable learners to achieve the outcomes of the course or programme. Although a writer, I do not just deal with text; online learners are increasingly visual in their use of online technologies, so all media will be incorporated.

Working together with you and your team, I can write

  • time-limited courses designed for facilitating/teaching  on Moodle, with optional portfolio activities in Mahara or PebblePad. These can be content-light, but written to allow the facilitator to draw on the skills of learners in collaborative learning activities.
  • self-paced learning units that will stand alone on a website or learning management system.
  • resources and extra materials for existing courseware. These can be bespoke, or curated from the extensive sources on the web and adapted for your purposes.

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people iconOnline facilitation and advice

I am a certified European Net Trainer and can help in facilitating your course or act as a mentor for others who are new to facilitation.

My style of facilitation is based on a belief that successful learning is best carried out in a strong community of learners, so I am interested in fidning new ways to build online community and online presence.

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Computer iconContent authoring and web management

I hold an EQF certificate in Web Content Creation and Management and offer  web authoring and web community management services, mainly in WordPress.

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Binder iconAuthoring or editorial consultancy for publication

As a trained and experienced journalist and author, I can help you to get your ideas into print.  I’m interested in any proposals which are about online learning and innovations in applying learning technology. There are usually two options:

  • co-authoring, where you bring the expertise and subect matter. We can share the writing but I will help with structure, editing and fluency.
  • collaboration, where we discuss and negotiate the brief. I work with your subject experts, work to schedule and deliver work in clear English.

Contact me to quote for authoring or editorial consultancy.