Watering a plant: mentor & coach

For more about my Coaching work, please visit my sister site: The Cat’s Whiskers Coach.

Listen to your heart and dream big. In  coaching, the focus is on you – your values, your work, your life and your dreams. You set the agenda and I provide a compassionate listening ear together with a sprinkle of  challenge; together we can explore your options, test out some wild ideas and discover creative solutions.

Coaching is for everyone. You don’t need to be suffering a ‘problem’ to benefit. Sometimes it’s an inkling that there is some life unlived that you want to stretch into. Sometimes it’s the need to inject some colour and range into your life. Or you may be in a ‘stuck’ place not knowing how to move forward.

The first session is free and gives you a chance to ask questions and find out if coaching is right for you.

Book a free one hour sample coaching session. 

Working together online, using Zoom (phone or internet connection), I will support you to:

  • re-focus on what’s important to you
  • rediscover and revitalise your strengths and sense of purpose
  • find new perspectives that help you move forward
  • take bold steps to realise your goals
  • access your creative and resourceful self
  • develop your ability to adapt to, and embrace, change.

I am a qualified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF): the training I have undertaken is rigorous, internationally recognised, and regulated by the ICF Code of Ethics.

I’m able and willing to work with anyone in any sector but I find myself drawn to particular specialties:

  • Coaching people who work for themselves
    I’ve worked for myself for over thirty years – and raised three children in that time – so I’m familiar with the challenges of being successful and creating boundaries to keep the work in check. We usually choose this way of working to create freedom but our own limiting beliefs and ‘saboteur’ voices can get in the way. As your coach I will offer you a compassionate space to help you reconnect with your values and purpose and help you build the integrated work/lifestyle that really delivers you the freedom you want in your life.
  • Coaching people who work in NGOs and humanitarian organizations
    I like to work with people who are passionate and committed to their work and am also drawn to those working in NGOs or humanitarian organizations. My coaching offers an impartial and confidential third space to pause and to recharge, to connect with what matters and to make decisions from a place of abundance.
  • Coaching people at the start of their careers
    Working with young people in internships or just coming out of training, the focus of the coaching is often about building confidence, recognising strengths and being bold in taking on new challenges.


Whilst I can offer coaching to people working in any field, my mentoring services are more specialised.

I offer mentoring/consultancy if you need independent support, guidance and advice with developing your online learning.

Contact me to discuss mentoring or coaching.