A week of Articulate

The Rapid e-learning Blog is one blog I always try to read as it’s a goldmine of useful hints and resources so I couldn’t miss out on hearing Tom Kuhlmann in person this May.

Tom gave a day masterclass organised by the Charity Learning Consortium in London on Tuesday 22nd May and joined other presenters at Leeds on Thursday 24th May for the Fourth European Articulate Conference. Both events were a pleasure to attend. It’s great to get out and talk to people who share the same work. Dragos Ciobanu has put together this photostory of the Leeds event, capturing some of the buzz from the day.


Best of all, I found that the presentations were directly relevant to challenges I was facing on projects back home. As soon as I got back, I was able to apply Tom’s advice about getting the right look and feel for your project. I’ve been building a Storyline project for specialist liver nurses. The content was good, but my colour scheme was wrong. Using Tom’s tips, I think I achieved a much more coherent result – so simple, but I needed someone to point it out to me.

I like the idea of ‘visual design mapping’ and will use this on my next project –  it is a good tool for getting ideas on paper and for talking about design up front. Here, in this Screenr, David Anderson walks us through the process.

Both events have offered fantastic back-up resources which are full of practical ideas that I will come back to again and again.

London event resources.

Leeds event resources.

Dragos’ Storyline (more resources).

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