Jane Brotchie: Learning Designer and Co-Active Coach.

  • My Crystal Clear Writing services can help you designwrite and develop online learning.

  • My Co-Active Coaching can help you develop a worklife that is fulfilling, creative and integrated with the rest of your life.

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“Jane is that rare combination - a creative talent who produces practical solutions. She can take complex academic concepts and translate them into easily understood learning. She is able to work well with expert editors and has developed varied and interactive learning solutions.  She also has a great eye for detail and stays with the project from initial concept to final delivery.”

Sophie Randall, Director Oyster Healthcare Communications.

"I have recently worked through a series of coaching sessions with Jane. Jane has been able to help me to look at the things that are important in my life and has been pivotal, I believe, in empowering me to make positive changes. These changes have been in both my personal and my work life.
I believe it has been Jane's ability to listen and to work with me to help me explore my own values that has been most beneficial. I have grown both professionally and as a person over the time we have worked together."

Debra Holmes, Consultant at PebblePad